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Building & Construction

We offer a wide range of high-quality materials for all aspects of building & construction purposes.

Interior Decoration & Wall Cladding

Wood is an excellent material for interiors, where the natural beauty and unique visual effect of wood is especially appreciated. Besides its visual properties, wood products feel warm to the touch.

We offer a range of high-quality decorative panels to suit every budget and taste.

Exterior Cladding

Our product range offers many wood-based options suitable the for exterior cladding of buildings, whether in lumber or panel form. Some of our panels are available with different surface finishes and textures that have been used successfully to create unique and modern facades.


Our mills have a deep knowledge of formwork technology and have developed an extensive product range for varied formwork applications. Each specific product within the range has been developed with different properties to give every possible advantage to achieve the best concrete finish.

We offer a wide range of technical and decorative wood-based products, which can be used in many varied applications.