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Joinery, Kitchens & Furniture

We specialise in the supply of many high-quality products that are designed for use by customers that in the above market sectors.

Whether a product with a natural wood finish or a laminated or otherwise covered surface is required, we offer something that would be perfect for your particular use.

Doors & Windows

Wood is an excellent material for use in the manufacture of doors & windows, where its natural beauty and unique visual effect of wood is especially appreciated. Besides its visual properties, wood products feel warm to the touch and are perfectly matched for a range of different applications.

Furniture & Furniture Panels

We offer a wide range of wood-based panel products for use in the construction of furniture. From our range of over 230 decorative veneers, to self-finished laminated panels, we have the product that you need.

Outdoor Furniture & Decking

There is a wide variety of materials that can be utilised to assemble outdoor furniture, and many of our products are perfectly suited as decorative materials for external use.