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Sculptured Panels - Spiral

Sculptured Panel - Spiral Pattern: Black, red & yellow through-coloured MDF, coated with clear satin lacquer
  • Special order item in exact quantity required
  • Minimum thickness = 30mm
  • Pattern height = approx 15mm
  • This pattern does not repeat
  • Grooved or laminate balancer bonded to reverse
  • Spiral shown in black, red & yellow through-coloured MDF, coated with clear satin lacquer


Spiral is a composite round profile coil of 32mm width laid out in an ever-increasing spiral at approximately 50mm centres. It can be produced using a composite of minimum thickness 30mm

Although it is available in a range of materials and finishes, and can be produced in specific panel sizes & sets, Spiral is typically supplied as a composite of mulitple layers of coloured MDF

In detail

Because removing a lot of material from one side of any panel can cause it to cup towards the machined face, the panels are often ordered with a diamond pattern of relieving v-grooves machined into the reverse in order to help keep the panel as flat as possible.

Alternatively, a laminate can be bonded to the reverse or an additional panel such as 18mm MDF can be used in place of the laminate. This increases the overall thickness, but offers additional bulk to help with hidden fixings

This design does not repeat


Technical details (general)

  • Construction:
    • Multiple layers of through-coloured MDF with one surface machined to a deep, repeating pattern exposing the colours beneath
  • Pattern height:
    • Approx. 15mm
  • Standard thickness:
    • Minimum 30mm
  • Standard sizes:
    • Produced to order in bespoke sizes
  • Pattern repeat:
    • This pattern does not repeat
  • Special sizes:
    • Determined by material used and quantity required
    • In principle, panels can be supplied up to 3600x1500mm (subject to core availability)
  • Finishing:
    • All items can be supplied raw or coated with various coatings such as clear lacquer or oil