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Specialist finished timber cladding & components

Specialist Finished Timber Cladding & Components

Formwork Plywood: Phenolic film faced plywood
  • Produced to order
  • Small quantities can be produced
  • Heavily-textured surface finishes possible
  • Available in lumber or panel form
  • Max length of individual piece = 6m (subject to availablity of material)
  • Max width of individual piece = 400mm
  • Fire retardant options available


Wood-based components for use in furniture or as cladding & flooring that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

The various standard finishes shown below have a rustic textured feel and consist of a combination of the natural colour of the named wood and/or a combination of coloured or stained coatings. Bespoke combinations can also be produced subject to physical restrictions of the material, processes and coatings used.

All finishes can be supplied for use as cladding to be fitted onto wall surfaces, or incorporated into semi-finished components or fully completed units & furniture, and most finishes can be supplied in both lumber and panel form.

Flame-retardant performance to EN 13501-1 Class B & C are possible with certain finish systems.

Standard Finishes


Technical details (general)

  • Construction:
    • Solid timber or veneer-based product with rustic textured surface incorporating with natural wood colouring combined with coloured or stained coatings to achieve various decorative effects
    • Some combinations of materials & finishes potentially suitable for flooring applications
  • Standard thickness:
    • In principle from 4mm up to maximum 90mm
  • Maximum length:
    • 6m (limited by length of raw material)
  • Maximum width:
    • 400mm
  • Surface coating:
    • Hard-wearing lacquer or oil unless otherwise specified
  • Edge profiles:
    • Any combination of...
    • Sawn/natural
    • Square cut
    • Tongue and/or groove
    • Half-lap
    • Chamfer/v-groove
    • Others as requested
  • Tolerances:
    • Dependent upon material used and final effect required, e.g. multi-level rustic cladding can be supplied ranging ± 3mm if required
    • Specific requirements can be discussed
  • Flame resistance:
    • Some coating systems are compatible with a fire rating of EN 13501-1 Class B or Class C - Specific requirements can be investigated