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Abura Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Abura is also called Bahia, Baya, Subah, Elolom, Elelom, Vuku, M'Voukou and Nzingu. It is found mainly in West Africa from Sierra Leone to the Congo region and Angola, in freshwater swamps.

Abura veneer has a very wide pale orange-brown to pink sapwood, forming the bulk of the tree. This is not usually differentiated from the heartwood, which is a uniform light yellowish or reddish brown, sometimes spongy, with gum veins that appear as darker streaks.

Abura veneer is mostly straight-grained and interlocked, although it is occasionally found with spiral grain. The texture is fairly fine and very even with a low lustre. It stains easily and takes an excellent finish, and the sapwood is often used in a black dyed form.