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Veneered Plywood

Veneered plwood: American walnut veneer faced plywood


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Premier Grade architectural veneered plywood can be made to order using any one of our range of 350+ veneers & inlays - or any other veneer specified, e.g. dyed veneers. These highly decorative panels are available in standard sizes (e.g. 2440x1220mm), although they are most often ordered in specific sizes as a bespoke bookmatched set.

Typical installations are high-quality bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, shopfitting & joinery.

We also offer Commercial Grades in pallet quantities of the more standard veneers where price is the main consideration.

In detail

Winwood Products is a supplier of the following veneered plywood panels:

Veneered Plywood

  • Quantity:
    • Premier GradeSupplied in standard size or as fully matched sets of architectural veneered panels to specific design, order quantity & layout
    • Merchant, Commercial Joinery & Superior gradesSupplied in full pallets (typically 25 sheets per item)
  • Standard size:
    • 2440/2745/3050x1220mm
  • Max size:
    • Premier GradeAny bespoke size up to max. 5300x1300mm / 3050x2440mm
      (subject to availability of core)
    • Superior GradeAny size up to max. 3670x1870 / 1870x3670mm
      (subject to availability of core)
  • Thickness:
    • Premier Grade1.5mm to 100mm - dependent upon plywood type
      (composites up to 100mm)
    • Merchant, Commercial Joinery & Superior grades6mm to 30mm
  • Panel types:
  • Gluing:
    • Premier GradeFace veneers bonded using moisture-resistant glue as standard - other glues used to special order, e.g. exterior glue, formaldehyde-free, etc.
    • Merchant, Commercial Joinery & Superior gradesFace veneers bonded with interior glue
  • Cut sizes:
    • Premier GradeCore material cut to size before veneers are applied to arrangement or design specified
    • Merchant, Commercial Joinery & Superior gradesFinished boards optimized & cut from standard panel size
  • Edging:
    • Premier GradeConcealed solid lumber lipping or veneer edging applied before calibration of faces & over-veneering
    • Merchant, Commercial Joinery & Superior gradesEdging can be retro-fitted (not recommended wherever possible)
  • Finishing:
    • All items can be supplied raw or coated with various coatings such as clear lacquer or oil

Veneered Thin Flexible Plywood

  • Quantity:
    • Premier Grade onlySupplied in standard size or as fully matched sets of architectural veneered panels to specific design, order quantity & layout
  • Standard size:
    • Produced to specific bespoke size
  • Max size:
    • Any bespoke size up to max. 3050x1220mm
  • Thickness:
    • 1.2mm (2-ply) & 1.8mm (3-ply) - supplied unsanded
  • Gluing:
    • Moisture-resistant glue used as standard
  • Edging:
    • Not possible
  • Finishing:
    • Flexible items need to be finished after installation


Tolerances (general)

  • Thickness:
    • Varies according to the core material used - plus nominal veneer thickness
    • NB: Premier Grade panels are calibrated before veneering to ensure best adhesion
  • Veneer thickness:
    • Most veneers are approx. 0.6mm before sanding - adds approx 0.5mm per side if supplied presanded
    • Thicker veneers will typically finish approx. 0.3mm thinner than the original veneer thickness, e.g. 2.5mm veneers will add approx. 2.2mm per side if presanded
  • Panel size:
    • Standard size panels:Length/width: up to 1m @ ±1mm, up to 2m @ ±2mm , 2m & above @ ±3mm
    • Cut size/bespoke panels:Length/width: typically ±1mm unless CNC machined (typically ±0.2mm)
    • Non-standard tolerances by arrangement