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High-quality commercial & technical plywoods

Flame Retardant Plywood

Flame Retardant Plywood
  • 5mm-50mm thick (composites up to 100mm)
  • Achieve fire rating of EN 13501 Class B
  • Impregnated as veneer before plywood production = treatment right to the core
  • More dimensionally-stable than secondary impregnation
  • Supplied raw or faced with decorative veneers or high-pressure laminates


These products are used wherever fire protection is a main priority, e.g interior finishes for public buildings, boat & yacht building, the rail & automotive industry, exhibition stands.

Fire-retardant plywood panels are available to meet the requirements of many different standards, including; EN 45545, EN 13501, and DIN 4102.

Choose from a number of different options, depending upon the criteria you need the resultant flame-retardant plywood panel to meet.

Panel types

Winwood Products is a flame retardant plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options:

Decorative veneer faced fire-retardant plywood

Any of our wide range of decorative real wood veneers can be bonded onto any of the following fire-resistant plywood cores.

Alternatively, we can envelope the panels in a specialist clear coating to upgrade any panel up to EN 13501 Class B

100% Fire Retardant Plywood - pretreated veneers

This product is very different to the more commonly-known merchant quality commercial fire treated plywood, due to the special manufacturing process used make the panels flame-retardant.

Plywood of this type is produced using veneers that have already been impregnated individually prior to assembly. These veneers are then glued & pressed under heat and pressure to create a finished panel that has been specifically tested in its finished form. Unlike a secondary-treatment process, which envelopes the outer surfaces of a treated panel, the fireproofing chemicals penetrate every fibre within the panel, thus making this a 100% fire-resistant plywood from its edges, right to the centre of the very middle veneer at the core.

Manufacturing flame-retardant plywood by treating the veneers prior to assembly into the finished panel in this way achieves a much higher level of dimensional stability, as the panel is pressed using veneers that already are in a state equilibrium at the point of production, whereas forcing chemicals under pressure into a product that is already manufactured and in a stable condition can very often lead to a degree of warpage and deformation.

Flame retardant plywood produced via this process is highly valued by customers who require the stability and level of performance it offers. NB: The wood is sometimes discoloured due to the impregnation process. This is a standard and unavoidable feature of the material, and can vary from wood to wood.

Fire Retardant Plywood - Secondary treatment of existing plywood

A pre-manufactured plywood is passed through a treatment process as a secondary operation after it has already been pressed in order to convert it to a fire-retardant plywood plywood panel. The fire rating is maintained after cutting full-sized panels to size, even though this production method does not result in the chemicals penetrating to the core of the panel.

Typical examples of this type of product include Dricon treated birch plywood, etc.

Fire Retardant Plywood - Spray finished with intumescent lacquer

A non-rated plywood (or MDF/veneered panel) is first coated with an intumescent and then overcoated with a clear or tinted lacquer in a minimum two-stage process. The material then achieves a fire rating on the side finished in this way, so as a consequence this process is often requested to both sides and all edges.

This process allows a mixture of species to be incorporated within the panel and is normally specified to achieve EN 13501 Class B,s2-d0, although we can also currently offer the now superseded version; BS 476 Class 0 flame retardant plywood/panels where specified.

100% Fire Resistant Sound Reduction Plywood

In addition to standard plywood construction, some of the woods can be combined with a sound-reducing layer within the core, to offer a panel that offers the same decorative and fire performance characteristics, whilst also reducing the transmission of sound.

The products are available impregnated to achieve performance to DIN 4102-B1. Alternatively, we can coat them with intumescent lacquer as detailed above to upgrade them to EN 13501 Class B or BS 476 Class 0.


100% Fire Retardant Plywood - pretreated veneers

Technical details (dependent upon species):

  • Fire rating:
    • EN 13501 Class B
    • EN 45545-2 HL1, HL2 & HL3 (10mm and above for flooring and walls - beech only)
    • DIN 4102-B1
  • Thickness:
    • 5-50mm
  • Standard size:
    • 2440x1220mm, 2500x1220mm, 3050x1220mm, 3050x1525mmm/3100x1530mm, 1220x3050mm, 1525x3050mm,  (other sizes by arrangement)
  • Tolerances:
    • Length/width: up to 1m @ ±1mm, up to 2m @ ±2mm , 2m & above @ ±3mm
    • Thickness: +0.2mm, -0.5mm
    • (Special tolerances possible by arrangement)
  • Face grades:
  • Specification:
    • EN 636-2 "G" (E1) - Covered exterior usage
    • EN 636-2NS (E1) - Covered exterior usage
  • Types:

Fire Retardant Plywood - Secondary treatment of existing plywood

Technical details - general:

  • Fire rating:
    • EN 13501 Class B
    • EN 13501 Class C
    • EN 45545-2 HL1, HL2 & HL3 (12mm and above for flooring)
    • BS 476 Class 0
  • All other details dependent upon the plywood to be treated

Fire Retardant Plywood - Spray finished with intumescent lacquer

Technical details - surface coating:

  • Fire rating:
    • EN 13501 Class B
    • BS 476 Class 0
  • All other details dependent upon the plywood to be treated

Fire Resistant Sound Reduction Plywood

Technical details: