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Black & White Ebony Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Black & White Ebony is a rare & beautifully distinctive member of the true ebony family with a black & white alternating grain. It is also known as White Ebony, Royal White Ebony, Pale Moon Ebony, Mun Ebony & Gaub Tree, and is a short deciduous tree that grows in Southeast Asia, from Burma/Myanmar to its main source, Laos.

Black and White Ebony heartwood is pale milky white/yellow to tan with spectacular colour contrast in way of distinct irregular inky-black varegation flowing across it.

Fine textured with mostly straight grain and taking a very high polish, there are limited quantities available of this striking & valuable veneer.

Black & White Ebony is liable to exhibit tiny (usually 2mm) insect holes and/or hairline checks - this is quite normal and is usually resolved in the finishing process.