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Brazilian Mahogany Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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The terms Brazilian mahogany & Honduras mahogany are these days used simply as generic trade names for the wood that is also called araputanga, South American mahogany, caoba and acajou. The tree is found in Southern Mexico southward to Colombia, Venezuela, and parts of the upper Amazon and its tributaries in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. While it is no longer exported from Brazil, FSC® certified plantations have been established within its natural range and elsewhere, thus allowing the use of this highly-desired veneer to continue under independently assessed controls of forest management.

Brazilian mahogany sapwood is yellowish or whitish and distinct from the heartwood, which can be reddish, pinkish, salmon coloured, or yellowish when fresh, deepening with age to deep rich red or brown.

The grain of Brazilian mahogany veneer is straight to roey, wavy, or curly, often with an attractive figure, such as; fiddleback, blister, stripe or roe, and mottle, and texture is rather fine to coarse and uniform. The lustre is high and golden and there is no distinctive odour.