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Black Limba Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Limba is also known as Afara in the UK and Korina in the US, and grows in tropical west & central Africa to a height of 60m with a flat or domed crown and is often clear of branches for most of its height.

Limba heartwood can vary in colour from olive-grey to almost black. Black Limba (also known as Dark Afara and Korina) is the most visually interesting veneer sourced from the Limba tree, exhibiting random streaking of a dark, greyish colour random over a lighter, straw to yellowy background.

Due to its unusual grain pattern and its occasional mottle or ripple figure, Black Limba is often used in the manufacture of sets of doors, panels & furniture.

The other wood sourced from this tree is commonly known as Limba, Light Afara or White Limba, and is a plainer yellow to straw-coloured wood often used in the manufacture of solid-body guitars due the tonal qualities of the wood.