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Macassar Ebony Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Also called Camagon, Coromandel, Calamander, Golden Ebony, Indian Ebony, Tendu, Temru, Tunki and Timbruni, Macassar Ebony is sourced from several different species of ebony. The growth range of the original species includes the East Indies, Philippine Islands, and mainly the Celebes Islands of Indonesia.

Produced from different species, the appearance of Macassar Ebony varies from log to log. Sapwood is uniform light red in colour, while the heartwood is black with reddish or reddish brown streaks. The combination of colours makes the wood an attractive choice for face veneers.

Recently more closely related species have been used for veneer production and this has brought a wider range of colours to the designer. We offer two distinct colourings; the traditional 'Caramel' macassar and 'Rose' or Amara macassar. These veneers have a general caramel/olive and pink/red tint respectively and are available in larger dimension.

Macassar Ebony veneer grain of is typically straight to roey and texture is fine. The lustre is metallic and there is no discernible odour.