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Red Meranti Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Also known as Nemesu, Oba Suluk, Red Seraya & Red Shorea, Red Meranti is any of four groups of species of Shorea. Grown most commonly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, there are thousands of common names for various species from the genus Shorea, but the names "Philippine mahogany" and "lauan" are often substituted for Red Meranti.

It is an important tree of the tropical forests of Asia, and many other forest products are derived from the tree, including oils, resins used in the manufacture of varnishes, and fruits that are roasted or used as a substitute for cocoa butter in cosmetics, soaps, and candles.

Red Meranti sapwood is lighter in colour and distinct from the heartwood which is red-brown darkening to a dark red.

The texture of Red Meranti is rather coarse but even, and does not have dark colored deposits in pores like mahogany. The grain is usually interlocked and wavy, and all merantis have axial resin ducts aligned in long, continuous, tangential lines as seen on the end surface of the wood. These ducts sometimes contain white deposits that are visible to the naked eye but the wood is not resinous. Finished surfaces are fairly lustrous, with a stripe figure on radial surfaces.