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Sen/Japanese Ash Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Sen is also known as Japanese Ash, Haragiri, Sen-no-ki, Nakada, Tse Tsin and Castor Arabia, and is found in Japan, China and Sri Lanka, although supplies of veneer is restricted to Japan, mainly from Hokkaido.

The heartwood of Sen is not easy to differentiate from the heartwood, and both are whitish to yellowish or greenish brown. Due to fluting Sen veneer tends to buckle and to require pressing. Moreover, dark patches are often found scattered over the surface.

Very smooth surfaces are obtained using Sen veneer due to the straight grain and matt surface finishes are an obvious choice due to the silky gloss of the wood. When freshly cut the wood has an acrid, unpleasant odour that disappears upon drying.