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Sycamore Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Sycamore is a type of Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) that is grown extensively in Europe and Asia, and called Planetree Maple in the US. The figured Sycamores are found in the UK to the greatest extent.

Both Sycamore sapwood and heartwood are almost white and must be dried soon after slicing to avoid turning yellow on exposure. The wood is lustrous almost to the point of being iridescent.

Sycamore veneer is mostly straight-grained, but may occasionally be curly or wavy, producing beautiful fiddleback or lacy figures with a fine and even texture that finishes well.

Cooking sycamore logs before slicing them into veneer achieves a change in colour of the veneer and enhances the grain appearance & figuring. Sycamore veneers treated in this manner can range from golden caramel to pinky shades of brown in colour. Veneers treated in this manner are called 'Steamed Sycamore' or 'Weathered Sycamore', while the lighter brown coloured veneers are sometimes also described as 'Champagne Sycamore'.