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Ziricote Veneered Panels & Jointed Veneer

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Ziricote is also called Canalete, Freijo, Geiger, Peterebi, and by many different spellings, such as Cericote, Siricote, Zircote, Zeracote, Zericote & Ziracote. It is a very heavy wood that sinks in water, and is found in the Caribbean area, Mexico, Central America, Brazil and Argentina, where it has long been used for decorative craft objects, boat decking, turnings & furniture.

The beautiful, dark-grained grey-green, grey-brown or dark brown Ziricote heartwood is irregularly streaked with even darker markings, giving the wood the most beautifully wild swirly & smoky appearance, almost like a very dark marble. The heartwood is clearly demarcated from the sapwood, which is a light cream to light golden tan, and the pleasing ray figure in both heartwood and sapwood allow the option to use the sapwood within the design for a very striking overall effect, whereas it would probably normally be removed these days, much like has become the norm with the rosewoods.

Ziricote's grain is generally straight, and its texture is medium to coarse. It takes a smooth finishand polishes well.